Mindfully Working

We are all mindful some of the time.

When we are mindful our body is calm, we feel safe and empowered, and our minds are fully occupied with whatever it is we are doing at the time.

When we walk, or garden, or play mindfully we notice our body moving and the changing smells, sounds and sights around us. When we talk mindfully with friends, family or work colleagues we tune into their emotions and our responses, and our emotions and their responses – we build mutual understanding and respect.

To be mindful more often requires practice in being calm, while staying alert and making choices that enhance our well-being.

Our BEING MINDFUL sessions provide the opportunity to practice being mindful.

When we are skilfully mindful we can choose to be calm, reflect and respond thoughtfully, even when we are distressed, confused or angry. Skilful mindfulness requires time and patience, and is enhanced through skilful teaching and guidance.

Our eight week MINDFULNESS PROGRAMS provide skilled training and guidance in different mindfulness practices and their application to different life challenges.

Jacquie Shannon is a skilled mindfulness teacher. Jacquie is also a sister, mother, wife, bushwalker, singer, manager and facilitator.